At 42 you cannot be Usain Bolt. But you can run a marathon, one for a cause. That will count for something. 35 and want to be Saina Nehwal? Forget it. Still, you can play badminton to your heart’s content at the local Ladies Club and win a few trophies. These are wins, without a doubt. Then you have prodigies, young and adult. Mozart. Srinivasa Ramanujan. Yuchiro Miura who at 80 became the oldest person to summit Mt Everest. At 90, Leonid Hurwicz won the Nobel in economics. Again, wins for sure.

You have countless others who follow their heart and register wins. Maybe small, maybe big, depending on the perspective.

Through these podcasts, I engage with budding talents, young go-getters and indefatigable triers who pursue their passion with grit and joy, against all odds. Their wins in their own words. Small or big? You be the judge.

Celebrating 50 episodes of Small, Big Wins!
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