Ramveer "Pondman of India" on Sensitivity towards Water

"My dream in 2015 was to see an IIT classroom. Today I am fortunate that I help IIT students with their thesis and go and lecture there."

28  Ramveer Tanwar

Who is Ramveer?

Ramveer Tanwar, 28, popularly known as the Pondman of India, has resurrected 52 ponds savig about 1 billion litres of water per annum. He is the only one who studies beyond Grade 10 in his village and went on to complete his engineering. He was the youngest from his village to have a job in a MNC. His childhood days of grazing the cattle and memories of a clean pond in his village kept him on with his pond rejuvenation quest and while working, he spent about four hours visiting senior environmentalists and learning from them, in return doing their work gratis. He gave up his job to fulfil his yearning for clean ponds, he hid this fact from parents, eared money giving tuitions and went broke, returning to look for a job again. And it was at this turn that he was selected for an award and cash recognition of US $10K from Taiwan, towards appreciation of his work done towards water awareness. This gave him hope and he marched past all obstacles. He employs 15 people, runs his own NGO working with leading corporates to give life back to India’s water bodies, has been gloriously mentioned by PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat, and still maintains his rustic humility. Check out a podcast or watch him on the Small Big Wins YouTube channel, you will relish a story which is now fully revealed, a sweet aftertaste, admiration and much kindle. This is the starting of Hindi podcasts for me. I never knew I would pull it through. Watch out for more.

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Recorded  about 2 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  28