Who is my charioteer?

“Who is My Charioteer?” What drives me or Am I the driver which drives everything else. A profound, subtle, subject of this nature can be addressed by someone who is awake in that profundity, that subtlety. A series of conversations with Swami Atmananda Saraswati bring to light these neglected nuances of life. The subject is so so Small, and it being within you, the distance to reach it is even Smaller. But the efforts to get there are so so Big and the ensuing result is even Bigger. It is indeed a Small Big Win!

Sanatan Dharma I Arya Samaj I Expression of Gratitude

Veda I Vedant I Upanishad I Karma I Non Dual Reality

What are Impressions

Purify the Inner Faculties

Dharma is NOT Religion

Secularism is धर्म निर्पेक्षता और पंथ निर्पेक्षता

What is Dharma, What is Adhyaatm & What do they fundamentally mean

What is the Role of Visiting Holy Places

What is Shraddha

What is Sanatan & What is Sanatan Dharma

What is Dharma

What is The Human Quest