Prashant on Purpose, Giving back and Prosthetic Arms

"If somebody loves everyone like a mother, the world could be different."

28  Prashant Gade

Who is Prashant?

Prashant Gade, 28, is someone who at 12, saw his Grandpa pass away and asked his mother, “Why isn’t Grandpa taking along some clothes and some other stuff with him?”. Later in college, he was aghast when all his engineering dreams were shattered. One year ago, he had fixed a prosthetic arm for a lady who broke down in tears telling him that she will now be able to comb her daughter’s hair. Perhaps these three incidences over a 16 year span, answered his question – “What is the purpose of life?” My own personal moment from the conversation came when I asked Prashant, “How does one keep carrying on with so much conviction”? and he shot back “Don’t have a Plan B”. That is the quickest and most courageous advice I have ever received. No wonder Mahatma Gandhi said “Achievement is possible only when emotions run beyond reason”. And Prashant is a living example of that. Hear this episode for a conversation which will help you meta-think on how to think about life, what is clarity and why questioning to self is probably the most important of all.

Recorded  almost 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  28