Hunny on Observation, Innovation and Visual Impairment

"The point, I can say is, if you want to become successful, don't try to become successful."

25  Hunny Bhagchandan
Inventor Torchit

Who is Hunny?

Hunny Bhagchandani, 25, brings such simplicity and humility to his work, that it makes me look up and think whether “Saarthi” is really an innovation, does it really make a difference to the world of the visually impaired. “Saarthi” has changed the lives of 50,000 visually impaired people and is manufactured & marketed by visually impaired people, and has enabled its own stories of micro-entrepreneurship. His perseverance is undoubtedly at the forefront, but what goes unnoticed is his sacrifice. I think it is rare to find a youth gold medallist, who is so nonchalant about his work, service and contribution. The visually impaired probably suffer the most amongst us, both with mobility and education. Hunny and his team have addressed the mobility issue, and now we very keenly await their audio e-braille initiative and e-braille keyboard. The former will help convert every e-book or e-document to an audio format, and the latter will help them operate smart phones with so much more ease thus enabling them to be independent in far more ways. This will further enhance the possibilities life brings for the visually impaired.

Recorded  about 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  25