Zach on Hacking, Schooling and COVID

"The reality is that if you want your kid or you want the kids you are serving to reach their full potential, reaching that potential might not be within the guidelines that you might have in your mind. And you should be okay and help and support them in that process."

22  Zach Latta
Founder of Hack Club

Who is Zach?

Zach, 22, is the founder of Hack Club. Zach couldn’t contain himself to the confines of high school and dropped out in his freshman year. In his quest to find his tribe, he reached Silicon Valley and then for him it was one peak after the other. He has changed the paradigm as to how students and schools look at coding. He says that all you need to be a Hack Clubber is to be a teenager.

Recorded  over 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  22