Palak on Storytelling, Writing & Women

"I would strongly advise every person to at least live alone once by themselves to get to know themselves and learn what they're capable of. I realized how much I could accomplish being on my own because I could try for the first time."

25  Palak Kapadia
Storyteller Independent

Who is Palak?

Palak, 25, is a writer, a sleep deprived writer and a copywriter. She is a storyteller who can identify with problems and opportunities only through the medium of stories. She is now close to learning the seventh language. Her projects are artistic, sensitive, aesthetic and are aimed to solve a problem. Along with her partner, she conceived the idea of Amazon Alexa, being able to recite interactive stories (under beta now) to kids, so that girls in particular aren’t stereotyped to only become princesses. Her work with TTT (Terribly Tiny Tales) speaks of her being able to convey the communication in precise and concise ways. Her work for the promotion of the movie “Lipstick under my Burkha” or her poem “Fragile” will convince you that she has her soul in her writing. Her project “Blackout the Hate” will show you that it’s easy to find light, only you have to be willing. You will be enriched looking at her creative website but more so you would want to visit it again to relook at the beautiful meanings of Tuko Pamoja (Swahili) or Goya (Urdu) or Shemomechama (Georgian) and you will certainly be tempted to look at the work behind the word.

Recorded  about 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  25