Shuvi on Founders, Leaders and Non-Transactional Relationships

"I don’t necessarily think that chasing purpose and chasing growth from a company perspective are mutually exclusive. Some of the best founders are those who have a deep sense of purpose for what they do. We often refer to them as mission-driven or missionary founders."

28  Shuvi Shrivastava
Partner at Lightspeed India

Who is Shuvi?

Shuvi, 28, is a product of IIT Delhi, having done Production & Industrial Engineering. She is now part of the Lightspeed India Partners Team focussing on Internet first and consumer fintech investing. Shuvi has recently been listed in Forbes 30 under 30. She describes herself as a founder who didn't get to the product market fit and therefore understands the psychological price of entrepreneurship. This perhaps is the craft she brings to venture and that is why in the world of early stage investing, she calls herself part therapist, part coach and always on the side of those who chase purpose and break protocol.

Recorded  over 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  28