My conversation with Harshvardhan Joshi on Everest Base Camp

"Honestly, I climbed Everest in my journey of preparation. So now I'm just waiting to experience that journey physically. It has been long enough for me to climb my own Everest. And now it's, it's just about walking up there."

25  Harshvardhan Joshi
Trekker Sangharsh

Who is Harshvardhan?

The earlier episode with Harshvardhan was released on 14th Feb 2021. In some way that episode also changed my life as I decided to go to Everest Base Camp accompanying Harshvardhan, who is continuing further to get to the highest point on earth – Mount Everest. I experienced nature at its pristine and at its might – an experience of the subtle and gross simultaneously. Intellectually, I knew that when I leave this world, there is nothing to take. But in front of these mountains, I was already reduced to just being with a backpack with some basics. A week later on the 21st, I lost my father. The message was even drilling deeper. Listen to this short 15 minute convo for understanding how Harshvardhan focuses on intangibles (relationships, equations..) as much as he focuses on tangibles (gear & equipment). How he reflects as a figure of equanimity but doesn’t deter a bit to hide his vulnerability. How he recognises the tremendous but not enough spoken contribution of the Sherpa community. And how he wants his experience to help people do what they want to do more passionately.

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Recorded  over 2 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  25