Shubham on Starting early in life, Crop waste and a World of tree-free products

"Starting early in life helps a lot. It helped me to become more confident. It helped me to become more self-aware about decisions I want to take. It cleared the confusion in my mind."

29  Shubham Singh
Founder Craste

Who is Shubham?

Meet Shubham Singh, 29, is the Founder & CEO of Craste. The word Craste is a combination of “Crop Waste”. Shubham has pioneered a path breaking technology to convert crop waste into pulp and engineered boards. His sojourns in different parts of India, particularly the north, gave him an insight into the insurmountable problem of crop waste and then started the journey of his company Craste, which has set up a proprietary process for separating the three main components from crop waste which are - cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose.

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Recorded  over 2 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  29