Prashant on Bamboo, Misgivings & Unwavering Conviction

"We are trying to share our knowledge with as many people as we can because collectively, as a country's time, 15 years is enough. One failure story is enough for the country to learn. Everybody need not spend 15 years in a failure again."

45  Prashant Lingam
Co-founder Bamboo House

Who is Prashant?

Prashant, 45, doesn’t mince words when he says he is a Leftist. And when you understand where he’s coming from, what he has seen, what he is doing, you would think about it...seriously. It’s impossible to conceive how one life can have so many misgivings, so many rejections, so many dejections and still someone could face it all and establish a social business which impacts thousands of lives and has the potential to make bamboo a full-fledged industrial activity for the country. When you feel low and feel hopeless, when you feel “why does it happen to me”, hear this podcast and I guarantee you will have the spring back in your feet. Prashant and his family have faced innumerable and unsurmountable ordeals and have achieved their dreams. They had no formal education and knowledge of the subject, all they had was mad love for bamboo.

Recorded  about 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  45