Hi, how are you? Call me Harsh(hvj.coach).

Once upon a time, which isn’t really too long ago, I was looking for something, searching for it desperately. Self-esteem. Until I found it in me, which was where it was all the time, and was overjoyed by the discovery, and laughed a lot about my ludicrous oversight. I faced adversities early, which proved to be the clay to shape and solidify my strengths. I must say, good fortune did not desert me, for I had great companions at family and work, who helped me build my character.

On these podcasts, I introduce to you people who heard a voice within, felt its insistence, and gave it form and meaning. Listen to their experience. The what and why and how of their focus and fascination. If there's one thing I would wish for this podcast to achieve, it would be for people to listen to their inner voices, no matter how soft or loud.

If you will allow me to go off on a tangent... I am very fond of almond milk chai. And, when I find myself adrift, my eternal favourites Kabir Sahab and Baba Zaheen Shah anchor me in reason and sanity. Another all-time favourite is Madhushala whose profundity never fails to intoxicate me.

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