Mayur on “Inefficacy in last mile delivery of vaccines, Incremental innovation and not getting lured”

"How large companies operate in a way are, they add a tiny sensor at the end of a tool that is used for example, in surgery. And that is incremental advancement in technology, right? That's something we didn't want to do. That's the reason we got into public health."

28  Mayur Shetty

Who is Mayur?

Mayur Shetty, 28, and his co-founders have solved a crucial logistical problem plaguing the entire world for last mile delivery of vaccines and biologicals, through their first patented product called the Emvolio. The Immunization Technical Support Unit (ITSU) of Health Ministry (Govt. of India) claims around 25% of all vaccines go to waste due to poor cold-chain management. Ice-based products and technologies exposing vaccines to sub-zero temperatures is potentially endemic. A recent study found that ~65% of vaccine vials showed evidence of freezing in vaccine stores and peripheral health facilities across 10 states in India.

Recorded  over 2 years ago
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Age  28