Ankit on environment, risk taking, and women empowerment

"For me, Innovation is any person who can utilize their full potential. For me, leadership is the ability to take risks."

30  Ankit Agarwal
Founder of Phool

Who is Ankit?

Ankit, 30, is the founder of Phool. Phool started with preparing charcoal free incense sticks (agarbattis) from waste flowers and has progressed in making two more revolutionary products. The first is Florafoam, which is a decomposable thermocole substitute and the second is Fleather, which is a breathable non-animal leather. These products once scaled up, will have a massive contribution in protecting green landmass, saving water resources and reducing carbon emissions. Ankit’s aim is to employ 5000 women from the lowest stratas of society and give them meaningful lives. Ankit is one of the seventeen young leaders, chosen for the propagation of the SDGs, on behalf of the UN Secretary General.

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Recorded  over 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  30