Gaurav on pursuits, risks and Maruvan : Part 3 "The clarity on life’s purpose"

"You should have clarity about basic necessities. Majority of people who keep complaining about how they are stuck in their lives, do not have that level of clarity and hence face problems."

0  Gaurav Gurjar
Founder Maruvan

Who is Gaurav?

Usually I start the podcast introduction with the guest name, age and general details. But today, as I write this, I am falling short of words to introduce Gaurav Gurjar who is many things but ordinary. Academically he is an electronic engineer, but the curriculum never appealed to him. Because of his deep rooted interest in physics and practical experimenting, he finished the four years of engineering curriculum in 2 years, leaving him with 2 years of bonus time to follow his own pursuits. Today he is Director and co-founder of Maruvan, literally meaning Forest in a Desert. It is a section 8 not for profit company led by Gaurav Gurjar with the sole objective of testing the Miyawaki method of tree plantation in an extreme environment and to start a native desert tree nursery. Maruvan is 30 acres of desert situated in Rajasthan near Jodhpur. Gauravs’s restoration approach is linked to deeply researching cultural roots which includes studying local paintings, scriptures, poetry and folklore and it is with this approach and an ignited selfless pursuit that Maruvan is inching closer and closer to success. I am sure you all have already watched the previous two parts of this podcast and are familiar with Gaurav’s journey & his work at Maruvan inspired by the famous Miyawaki method of plantation. This part (Part 3), is the last part in this podcast series and sums up Gaurav’s overall life and his philosophy. Since quite early in life, Gaurav has been very clear on what he wants from life based on what he really really likes to do. Although the path to achieve it was difficult and untravelled, he always knew he would be able to reach his destination because that is what made him really happy. I was amazed to hear that he and his wife Varsha live in a modest home, most of which they have built themselves using eco-friendly materials. And their house guests are all types of birds including bats, squirrels and even a wild cat. Gaurav also tells us about the direct influence of Sameer, Sameer and Manish (all of whom he was very close to at various points in his life) and how each of them has helped him achieve more and more clarity. I hope you enjoy this last part as much as the first two parts of the podcast and find at least a couple of takeaways from the entire series.

Recorded  about 1 year ago
Location  Zoom!
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