Gaurav on pursuits, risks and Maruvan : Part 2 "The story of Maruvan"

"I usually don’t prefer to give advice to anyone because I don’t want to disrespect that person’s intelligence. I believe that each person has their own intelligence which is no less than mine."

0  Gaurav Gurjar
Founder Maruvan

Who is Gaurav?

Usually I start the podcast introduction with the guest name, age and general details. But today, as I write this, I am falling short of words to introduce Gaurav Gurjar who is many things but ordinary. Academically he is an electronic engineer, but the curriculum never appealed to him. Because of his deep rooted interest in physics and practical experimenting, he finished the four years of engineering curriculum in 2 years, leaving him with 2 years of bonus time to follow his own pursuits. Today he is Director and co-founder of Maruvan, literally meaning Forest in a Desert. It is a section 8 not for profit company led by Gaurav Gurjar with the sole objective of testing the Miyawaki method of tree plantation in an extreme environment and to start a native desert tree nursery. Maruvan is 30 acres of desert situated in Rajasthan near Jodhpur. Gauravs’s restoration approach is linked to deeply researching cultural roots which includes studying local paintings, scriptures, poetry and folklore and it is with this approach and an ignited selfless pursuit that Maruvan is inching closer and closer to success. For the first time ever, I found a story so interesting that covering it entirely in one episode is a task next to impossible. Hence, this podcast is a 3 part podcast series of which Part 1 released on 20th November, is all about Gaurav’s personal journey from being an engineering student to the director of Maruvan. If you have not watched it already, you can watch it by clicking on this link. This podcast (Part 2) is all about the evolution of Maruvan; the research, the thought process and all the hard work that went behind planting a forest right in the middle of a desert. Gaurav goes on to tell us about the effectiveness of the often misinterpreted Miyawaki method of tree plantation which involves a deep study of the native environment and identifying the potential natural vegetation of that area. He also asserts the importance of ecological balance and how soil, water and vegetation are correlated to create the actual environment. I found this dialogue with Gaurav interesting, and Gaurav’s modest yet straightforward attitude towards it is worth taking inspiration from. Join me in this podcast to spread this flame of simplicity and courage. One more podcast (Part 3) coming your way soon. Stay tuned!

Recorded  about 1 year ago
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