Tanvi, a proud trans woman, on her journey from Pretence to Reality!

"It’s like you are dragging yourself and a big boulder is tied to your ankle; the moment you let go of the boulder you realize that walking is not that difficult. Life is not that difficult; you just have to let go of the weight you have been living with."

32  Tanvi Nair
TEDx Speaker, Blogger, Analyst 

Who is Tanvi?

Tanvi Nair, 32, TEDx speaker, an avid blogger, a proud trans woman and a vocal LGBTQ+ advocate. Professionally she is a data analyst working with a multinational company. She has done masters in statistics from the university of Pune. Being diligent passionate and hardworking, she has excelled very well in her career. For many years Tanvi led a life of pretence by hiding her authentic self from the world. She could explore her true self by donning her mother’s clothes only in the privacy of her home when her parents would go out. Even though her secret was unexpectedly revealed in her first year of college (you will hear the story in this podcast), Tanvi still struggled with her true identity. She even maintained two Facebook accounts, one for her authentic self and one for the world, until one day she accidentally posted a picture dressed as a woman on the wrong account. It was then (in 2020) that she finally decided to come out and accept herself as she truly is. Tanvi’s journey was not an easy one, dealing with anxiety and depression. But the direct or sometimes even silent support from her parents and true friends made her life sailable. Today, Tanvi works with the “Ally Nation Project” to give gender sensitisation training to public. Her blogs are thought provoking, curious and educating at the same time. Do give them a read here - https://passionforstorytelling.wordpress.com . This podcast focusses on Tanvi’s life before and after coming out. Tanvi’s calm demeanour and views on spirituality truly amaze me. I learnt and explored a lot from this conversation and hope you will too. Join me in spreading this flame of courage and conviction further.

Recorded  over 1 year ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  32