Dr. Ali Khwaja and the story of Banjara Academy

"More important than teaching someone to walk is to show him the direction. He will learn his own way of walking provided there is a motivation for the right direction in front of him."

0  Dr. Ali Khwaja
Chairman Banjara Academy

Who is Dr.?

Dr. Ali Khwaja, B.Tech. (IIT), MIE, MIIE and Ph.D in behavioral sciences, is a counselor, author, principal faculty, life skills coach, and most importantly a perpetual student. He is the author of 30 books and nearly 80 booklets. He is regularly invited by many prestigious and reputed Schools, Colleges, Universities, NGOs, Corporates and various other institutions for lectures, talks and workshops. He is an advocate of “go with the flow” philosophy and believes you should cherish each and every moment of life as it comes. “Mai akela hee chala tha, log aate gaye, karavaan banta gaya” and thus was born the Banjara Academy. There is a very interesting story behind the distinctive name “Banjara Academy” which you will hear in the podcast. The organization is selflessly helping individuals who seek guidance in child, adolescent, family, and interpersonal emotional issues since 1983 and believes in enriching the quality of people’s lives through empowerment. It is one of the few organizations from India to be granted full membership of the World Federation of Mental Health, with voting rights. For more details, I have given their website link in the links section. This short conversation with Dr. Ali has touched on a variety of topics and enlightened me on its way. I am sure you will also feel the same after listening to this podcast.

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Recorded  almost 2 years ago
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