Small big wins has expanded to include several categories of episodes, we recorded interviews and discussions with people from all walks of life, and we hope you enjoy them all.

  • 1 on 1 with go-getters

    At 42 you cannot be Usain Bolt. But you can run a marathon, one for a cause. That will count for something. 35 and want to be Saina Nehwal? Forget it. Still, you can play badminton to your heart’s content at the local Ladies Club and win a few trophies. These are wins, without a doubt. Then you have prodigies, young and adult. Mozart. Srinivasa Ramanujan. Yuchiro Miura who at 80 became the oldest person to summit Mt Everest. At 90, Leonid Hurwicz won the Nobel in economics. Again, wins for sure. You have countless others who follow their heart and register wins. Maybe small, maybe big, depending on the perspective.

    Through these podcasts, I engage with budding talents, young go-getters and indefatigable triers who pursue their passion with grit and joy, against all odds. Their wins in their own words. Small or big? You be the judge.

  • 1 on 1 with tribal farmers

    These are stories of farmers which I have the pleasure of covering in the hinterlands of India, courtesy, COLLECTIVES FOR INTEGRATED LIVELIHOOD INITIATIVES (CInI), whose Lakhpati Kisan program has made Small marginal farmers win Big and that too in a sustainable manner. That is certainly a Small Big Win!

  • ESG before ESG metrics

    ESG metrics can be greenwashing, temporary. There may be metrics but ground realities may still be the same. Fundamentally to me Real ESG is – Empathy, Service & Goodness of Action. For this Big to happen, every Small part of the organisation has to infectiously imbibe the Real ESG. Then it is a Small Big Win!

  • Who is my charioteer?

    “Who is My Charioteer?” What drives me or Am I the driver which drives everything else. A profound, subtle, subject of this nature can be addressed by someone who is awake in that profundity, that subtlety. A series of conversations with Swami Atmananda Saraswati bring to light these neglected nuances of life. The subject is so so Small, and it being within you, the distance to reach it is even Smaller. But the efforts to get there are so so Big and the ensuing result is even Bigger. It is indeed a Small Big Win!