1 on 1 with tribal farmers

These are stories of farmers which I have the pleasure of covering in the hinterlands of India, courtesy, COLLECTIVES FOR INTEGRATED LIVELIHOOD INITIATIVES (CInI), whose Lakhpati Kisan program has made Small marginal farmers win Big and that too in a sustainable manner. That is certainly a Small Big Win!

Convo with Ramila Ben & Haresh Bhai from Sandhosi village, Banaskantha, Gujarat

Convo with Sharmistha Ben, Founding Trustee NMSWDF from Dahod, Gujarat

Convo with Navli Ben from Sahada village, Dahod, Gujarat

Convo with Mathur Bhai & Geeta Ben from Dhabda village, Dahod, Gujarat

Convo with Bharti Ben & Nanda Ben from Dhabda village, Dahod, Gujarat

Convo with Laxmi Village Foundation from Choliya Village, Sabarkantha, Gujarat

Conversation with Bharat Bhai & Kamla Ben from Rama Village

Conversation with Shrikant Bhai

Conversation with Budha Bhai & Nita Ben

Conversation with Ramesh Bhai & Laxmi Ben

Conversation with Sailesh Bhai