Kartik on Machine Building, Decentralization and Hardware Startups

"Suhani and I were quick to understand and realize that we wanted to create a high standard decentralized system of manufacturing high quality sanitary pads at a very low investment. We felt that only such a model could make pads available and affordable to women in the remotest of towns and at the same time create entrepreneurs and employment."

30  Kartik Mehta
Co-founder Saral Designs

Who is Kartik?

Kartik, 30, is founded Saral Designs, along with Suhani. Kartik’s passion for building machines and Suhani’s knowledge about the menstruation space merged well into their common longing of solving a mostly unspoken problem for women, which is mostly unspoken. The result was the creation of a machine called “Swachh” which produces ultra-thin high quality sanitary pads on indigenous equipment which run at about 1/30th the speed of modern imported machines but cost 1/100th. Not only are close to 40 of their machines now running in different parts of the country and many more on the way, but the COVID 19 crisis gave Kartik and his team the opportunity to manufacture masks on the same machines. In this process, they are not only creating well-being for women, they are creating entrepreneurs and employment.

Recorded  over 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  30