1 on 1 with go-getters

At 42 you cannot be Usain Bolt. But you can run a marathon, one for a cause. That will count for something. 35 and want to be Saina Nehwal? Forget it. Still, you can play badminton to your heart’s content at the local Ladies Club and win a few trophies. These are wins, without a doubt. Then you have prodigies, young and adult. Mozart. Srinivasa Ramanujan. Yuchiro Miura who at 80 became the oldest person to summit Mt Everest. At 90, Leonid Hurwicz won the Nobel in economics. Again, wins for sure. You have countless others who follow their heart and register wins. Maybe small, maybe big, depending on the perspective.

Through these podcasts, I engage with budding talents, young go-getters and indefatigable triers who pursue their passion with grit and joy, against all odds. Their wins in their own words. Small or big? You be the judge.

Gaurav on pursuits, risks and Maruvan : Part 3 "The clarity on life’s purpose"

Gaurav on pursuits, risks and Maruvan : Part 2 "The story of Maruvan"

Gaurav on pursuits, risks and Maruvan : Part 1 "The Journey"

Niwas and Shivani on the story of Anantmool – a gender neutral learning center

Tanvi, a proud trans woman, on her journey from Pretence to Reality!

“Discarded tyres to sustainable furniture” - Vaishali’s story of conscious capitalism

Ganesh on the “Lakhpati Kisan” initiative

Nidhi on manifestation, braille and children

"A wheelchair won’t stop me from doing what I want to" - Meet Somya Dawar

Renuka on climate action, plant signaling and redefining agriculture through BioPrime Agrisolutions

Kaveri “The Dog Mother” on dedicating her life to animal rescue and SMART sanctuary

Ramveer "Library Man of India" on Education and Mission Rural Libraries

Dr. Ali Khwaja and the story of Banjara Academy

Deep on his mission to solve feminine hygiene issues through social entrepreneurship

Pallavi on teaching Hindi, breaking the language barriers and bringing inclusivity for expats in India

Shalini on the journey of “why me” to “why not me”

Anshul on the Future of News

Nisheeth Mehta on specially-abled, social inclusion and employment

Suman, India’s PadWoman & Oscar Winner, on MHM, Men and Society

Ramveer "Pondman of India" on Sensitivity towards Water

Ramji Raghavan on living a “higher ideal”

Karishma – Epitome of Here & Now

Vineet on counting the extras, acceptance, and awards

Harshvardhan Joshi on his journey to scale the Everest

Dharmaraj on Volunteering

Pawani on Mental Health, Parents and Gratitude

Shubham on Starting early in life, Crop waste and a World of tree-free products

Mayur on “Inefficacy in last mile delivery of vaccines, Incremental innovation and not getting lured”

My conversation with Harshvardhan Joshi on Everest Base Camp

Jigyasa on underprivileged children, de-prioritisation of artistic expressions & slamming out loud

Ajinkya on Imagination, Providence and “Men” in Menstruation

Meet Richa & Vaibhav on the making of “Maker’s Asylum”

Harshvardhan on the Alignment of Intention & Actions, Sustainability and Mountaineering

Manoj on the uniqueness of Social Alpha, Entrepreneurs and Entrepreurism

Salman on Polymath-ism, Serendipity and Writing

VOCTRONICA on “Music out of thin air”

Prashant on Purpose, Giving back and Prosthetic Arms

Dr Gauri Rokkam on Whole Plant Based Diet

Prashant on Bamboo, Misgivings & Unwavering Conviction

Hunny on Observation, Innovation and Visual Impairment

Kesava on Risk Taking, Technology and Education

Viraj on Quantum Physics, Upanishads & Artificial Intelligence

Palak on Storytelling, Writing & Women

Kunal on By-products, Green Chemistry and Culture

Paras on Plastic Waste, Recycling and Entrepreneurism

Kartik on Machine Building, Decentralization and Hardware Startups

Abhishek on Vulnerability, Money and Idea-boundedness

Sheraz on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Change that ensues

Kevin on Gaming, Winning & Awareness

Jahan on Cannabis, Bureaucracy & Friendship

Shuvi on Founders, Leaders and Non-Transactional Relationships

Rajlaxmi on Positive Psychology, Design and Multiple Roles

Ankit on environment, risk taking, and women empowerment

Zach on Hacking, Schooling and COVID

Ronaldo on Curiosity, Persistence and Observation

Geet on Insight, Empathy and Compassion

VD on the Meaning of Life, Education and Fear of Failure

Simar on Art, Education and Gender