Jahan on Cannabis, Bureaucracy & Friendship

"I think for Hemp the best way to say it would be - we are sitting on a resource that the world is telling us is valuable and we know it's valuable, but we've never valued it. And that's exactly where we are today and by valuing it scientifically, we are able to estimate what type of significant impact it could have in the future."

30  Jahan Peston Jamas
Founder of BOHECO

Who is Jahan?

Jahan, 30, and his other six co-founders - whom I fondly refer to as Saptarishi - createdBOHECO or The BOmbay HEmp COmpany. They are India’s first Hemp company with a mission to provide all what it needs for India to become a major producer of Hemp. Industrial Hemp will change the not only the agricultural landscape of India but also spur entrepreneur-ism from bottom up. It is a major source of nutrition, textiles, medicinal uses and BOHECO spearheads several other important researches in the areas of replacing synthetic plastic with hemp,conventional bricks with hempcrete and also finding a hemp substitute for graphene. Their seed bank already has 350 varieties of Hemp seeds mapped and are adding at least 50 every year. BOHECO is not only unique because of its product, vision and legacy it wants to leave, but it is also a company which epitomizes the power of friendship, for it is a company conceived,created and managed by seven friends who thought about this in college. Jahan was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018. The co-founders have also been awarded through the Ashoka Foundation, INK and Rajeev Circle fellowships.

Recorded  over 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  30