Kaveri “The Dog Mother” on dedicating her life to animal rescue and SMART sanctuary

"“We need the animals more than they need us. It is not difficult for humans to co-exist with animals; we only need to be aware of why.” "

0  Kaveri Rana Bhardwaj

Who is Kaveri?

Kaveri Bhardwaj is a selfless soul who has been working for the past several years to rescue and rehabilitate stray dogs, cats, donkeys and cows. Her work brings a ray of hope to the injured and disabled strays who can’t speak for themselves. She takes pride in popularly being called “The Dog Mother” and often refers to them as children. After Kaveri’s first adopted dog Sophie passed away, she was heartbroken and it created a void in her life. That is when she decided to set up the “Sophie Memorial Animal Relief Trust” in 2017 in Greater Noida at a time when there were no other animal shelters in place. Through this trust, Kaveri and her husband Yashraj have rescued over 4000 animals and sterilized & vaccinated around 2500 cats and dogs. Recently they have even rescued 2 baby monkeys (one of which you can see affectionately playing with Kaveri in the podcast.) There are moments in the podcast where I found myself speechless while listening to Kaveri’s stories. I hope this podcast will help me spread the flame of courage, conviction and selflessness. To help the animals in SMART sanctuary, you can visit the Facebook page in the Links section or donate through their crowdfunding page on Milaap.

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