Dr Gauri Rokkam on Whole Plant Based Diet

"My master beautifully puts it. He says “don't check your parameters, check your habits”. If you check your habits and correct your habits, there is no need for checking the parameters and bringing those numbers into the so-called magical range."

50  Gauri Rokkam

Who is Gauri?

It all starts from the gut. That’s why intuition also comes from “gut-feeling”. And it takes guts to have the right gut. Dr. Gauri Rokkam is a doctorate in yogic and life sciences and masters in food and nutrition. She's a nature cure therapist. a yoga instructor, lactation consultant, sports nutritionist and trained in yogic management of back pain. Her research work on fresh coconut was the first ever and was funded by the Indian Government. It went on to prove that the humble coconut is after all innocent. Amongst her many activities in holistic health she offers a custom built holistic nutrition training and internship program, and has a signature healing program with a client base of more than 1000 people. She says if a food does not have a nutrition label, it is the best, it is healthy. And the more detailed the nutrition label is, she advices to stay away from it. We converse about whole plant based diets, the importance of fibre, the interconnection between lifestyle diseases, the pill popping culture and the hyped proteins – if these are important for you, go ahead and listen to this convo?

Recorded  almost 3 years ago
Location  Zoom!
Age  50